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    •  Flamenco dance for adults


      Flamenco is a Spanish dance performed with flamenco music. This dance reflects the culture and society with special moves and musical support. Like any other dance form flamenco also requires gesture and technical skills. Flamenco dance is the art of movement which transform your body language and skills to harmony and beauty with background rhythm.


      This flamenco dance for adults provide flamenco dance lessons for beginners as well as advanced individuals. Most of the individuals are unable to meet the work life balance. Exploring new dance platforms with flamenco lessons for beginners will add on to creativity and also relieves stress and pressure.


      Additional Information:

      •         ·   Beginner Level
      •         ·   Duration : 1 month (Once a week )
      •         ·   Timing : Sunday 9 -10:30 am or 6:30 - 8 pm 


      This flamenco dance lessons for beginners will cater you with entire expectations. Being completely new to flamenco will never decrease your chance of perfection. Flamenco can be learned by any age group with any fitness. Our expert instructors have tailored beginners’ course on flamenco, which will completely transform you from a beginner to advanced level of dancing.


      Benefits of Flamenco dances to adults:


      This dance form has got innumerable benefits on dancers. Other than the knowledge part on a new dance form, it gives understanding on culture and practice of arts of Spain. Following are the advantages of learning flamenco.

      •     ·   It elevates focus, attention and concentration.
      •     ·   It increases self-esteem, self-respect and self-discipline.
      •     ·   It enhances emotional balancing.
      •     ·   It explores creativity.
      •     ·   It helps you to stay happy.
      •     ·   It helps in strengthening muscles.
      •     ·   It helps in coordination and balancing.
      •     ·   It helps to burn calories.
      •     ·   It helps to communicate creatively.

      Flamenco dance is a special form of Spanish dance which will take the heart of audience with its deep musical harmony treat to eyes. Being a flamenco dancer is always a highlight in a dancer’s profile.

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