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    • Tahitian dance class


      Tahitian dance is a rich, beautiful dance and traditional dance form with floral appeal and grace of full body movement. This is a traditional dance form of Tahiti. Different forms of Tahitian dance were performed for worshiping, attracting love, challenging enemies etc. Over years this dance form has evolved and earned changes of time.


      Tahitian dance class provides a platform to explore the original Tahitian dance art. Tahitian dance classes are handled by expert instructors to beginners and advanced level people of any age group. Dancers will explore the new dance stream along with many other skills with Tahitian dance classes.


      Additional Information:

      •        ·   Beginner Level
      •        ·   Duration : 1 Month
      •         ·   Timing: Wednesday 5 - 6 pm


      Are you in search of the professional Tahitian dance class providers? Enroll to emotions and we provides you to discover the beautiful art of Tahitian dance class from professional institute. All levels of dancing can enroll here.

      Specialties of Tahitian dance:

      •     ·  It is known for its rich looking costume- The colorful bright headdress for men and women,
      •          the grass and straw skirts, and use of flowers make this dance costume rich and
      •          attractive.
      •    ·  The music used is loud and played with instruments- The music usually played for this
      •         dance is on traditional music instruments.
      •    ·  Special movements- This dance form is known for its unstructured random body
      •          movements.

      Benefits of attending Tahitian dance class:

      Tahitian dance uses high energy to perform on the stage. It is a unique form of dance with its special appeal on costume and music. Learning this dance form have suggested many benefits.

      •    ·  You will get an exotic experience of new dance and culture.
      •    ·  Great activity for body shaping and work out.
      •    ·  Helps to burn calories and fat.
      •    ·  Build self-esteem.
      •    ·  Increase femininity and graciousness.
      •    ·  Improve coordination and balance.
      •    ·  Learn to communicate with body.
      •    ·  Entertainment and fun.

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