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    •  Tabla Class

      Tabla is the percussion musical instruments and originated by the Indians also known as traditional Indian drum set.  Tabla is the most commonly played in north Indian music and in south Indian music as a Karnatik Tabla. It is available in different size and shapes. It requires extensive use of palm and fingers to create wide range of different musical sounds and rhythms.  

      Tabla is played as a solo with any type of song or played as a part of band in a group. It can be played with singers such as Bollywood, Classical, Bhajans, Qawallis, Ghazal and more. The People love to see as a Jugalbandi with other musical instrument such as Sitar, Bansuri, Sarod and Santoor.

      Who can learn the tabla classes?

      •       ·    Anyone who has the passion to learn in Indian music
      •       ·    Someone who is looking for new style of music
      •       ·    Someone who wants to extend their rhythmic knowledge

      We emotions fulfill your dreams to become a professional tabla player with various tabla classes’ providers in UAE. We also listed all musical instrument providers with beginners or advanced level. No one is too old or too young to play any musical instruments in world.

      This institute teach to all ages, all levels of students and according to students learning ability, the instructor will teach to each students. The tabla classes covers basics, theory class and practical classes. Based on students’ level the tabla learning strategies will be made. Your child will learn with positive and friendly environmental place. Tutors always motivates each child so that every child can reach to their goal also every child will learn how to perform on stage.

      Benefits of learning tabla classes:

      •       ·     It relieves stress
      •       ·     It makes you more smarter
      •       ·     Playing with group will increases your social life
      •       ·     Helps to build self confidence
      •       ·     It teaches patience
      •       ·     Improves your creativity
      •       ·     Increases your memory power
      •       ·     You will have fun
      •        ·     Podium to showcase your talent

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