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    •       Bollywood Freestyle Dance for Kids

                  Bollywood freestyle dances are he cinematic style, suited for all age category. This Bollywood dance classes for kids in Dubai offers expertise dances techniques from expert instructors. Based on your age and skills your instructor will add you to suitable group.

      This institute is specially known as Bollywood dance classes for kids in Dubai. In this a group is consisting maximum of 4 students with similar or different skills. You can re-book the Bollywood dance classes for kids in Dubai as many times as needed until you develop confidence and become professional dancers.

      Freestyle dancing is a very creative dance, by moving your hips and hands you can make your own steps. It is a well-known form of dancing in abroad and they love to dance in street corners, public places. 

      • ·     Freestyle dancing is the spontaneous, cultural activity and gives freedom to learn the dance with all.
      • ·    It is highly competitive and popular form of dancing.
      • ·    The Bollywood dance classes for kids in Dubai include free moves, funky, fun and modern steps to 
      •       develop a personal style.

      Bollywood freestyle has various health benefits:

      •      ·     Improves self-esteem, attentiveness and social interaction skills.
      •      ·     Freestyle dancing also reduces anxiety, stress and make you feel energetic whole day.
      •      ·     It gives you a platform to learn and celebrate the Indian Culture.
      •      ·     Showcase your talents in worldwide.

      High energy Bollywood freestyle dancing has various types of dance forms and dancer can mix & match with other forms of dances such as hip-hop, jazzy or any other modern dance moves. Choreograph is made by famous music from the Bollywood film industry of South Asia.

      Materials Required for Dance:

      •    ·     Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes so that you can dance freely.
      •    ·     Your instructor can suggest additional props/costume if needed for choreography.

      Age Requirement:

      •    ·     4 and older

      Additional Information:

      •    ·       All sessions are valid for one month - weekly 2 days for 200 AED (VAT exclusive).
      •    ·       Additional classes can be engaged based on booking.
      •    ·       The size of the class varies from 1-4 persons.

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