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    • Flamenco Dance for Kids


      Flamenco dance is a Spanish dance form. This dance reflects the culture and society with special moves and musical support. Like any other dance form flamenco also requires gesture and technical skills. Flamenco dance is the art of movement which transform your body language and skills to harmony and beauty with background rhythm.


      Flamenco dance for kids deliver high quality flamenco lessons to the dancers. Our expert dance masters will train flamenco dance for kids with the most spectacular methodologies. Practicing flamenco dance for kids with expert support will bring remarkable results in dancing skills.


      Characteristics of flamenco dance:

      •         ·  Flamenco is a dance form that reflects the culture and harmony of Spain.
      •         ·  Flirtatious movements of dancers.
      •         ·  In this dance form man move arrogantly whereas women move naturally and sensitively.
      •          ·  Flamenco requires high level of physical activity.
      •          · It requires motor skills to move on with special gestures that has to work simultaneously.


      Additional Information:

      •         ·   Duration: 1 month
      •         ·   Age : 6 to 9
      •         ·   Timing: Sunday 5.30 to 6.30 PM 



      What you will learn with flamenco?

      With flamenco dance classes for kids, they will learn on music, technique and interpretation skills. Expert trainers will detail on the flamenco rhythm and music to the students and then they will be practiced with different techniques of movement of individual body part. In the final stage, they will be trained to interpret these movements along with the music to produce wonderful harmony and beauty in this dance form.


      Benefits of flamenco dance to kids:

      •         ·  It increases the ability to focus.
      •         ·  It improves observation skills.
      •         ·  It increases positive energy.
      •         ·  It develops confidence and self-esteem.
      •         ·  It heighten happiness.
      •         ·  It leads to physical fitness.
      •         ·  It helps in burning calories.
      •         ·  It strengthen the muscles.
      •         ·  Improves cardio vascular health.
      •         ·  It strengthen the emotions.
      •         ·  It cultivate boldness and smartness in your kid.
      •         ·  It build relationships.
      •         ·  It strengthen patience and risk taking skills.
      •         ·  It develop balance flexibility and coordination.


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