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Fit Boys Gym

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  • Boxing classes for adults

    Boxing is an outdoor sport, in this two people will punches at each other based on opposite person moves. Before to start the session, every person has to wear the protective gloves. We have watched a great boxing movie like Rocky, which inspires everyone to learn boxing classes. Boxing helps to enhance cardio vascular health, improve strength and burns calories.

    With the boxing classes for adults, you can invade a stress free life by learning on the perfect workout activity which will lead you to a state of physical and mental wellness. Physical fitness to meet the training sessions for boxing classes for adults are important factor that is considered while we program you with our lesson plans. If you are aiming to become fit with boxing or never tried boxing, here we emotions provides the professional boxing classes for adults.


    Benefits of boxing:

    •       ·   Improves concentration.
    •       ·   Develop athletic features.
    •       ·   Helps in self - defense.
    •       ·   Sport event.
    •       ·   Improves physical activities.
    •       ·   Increases the muscular coordination.
    •       ·   Improves cardio vascular health.
    •       ·   Reduces the weight.
    •       ·   Helps to defend yourself.
    •       ·   Increases the strength and stamina.
    •       ·   Improves the flexibility.
    •       ·   Makes you fit.



    Our boxing instructors will help the learners to customize lessons according to their strength and caliber. Initial fitness before you start with the course is important as this art form involves utilization of high level of energy. Instructor always encourages to each students and every student will reach their goal with passion and love. Whether you are beginner or want to become expert in boxing, we emotions have all categories of boxing.


    The basic safety equipment listed for learning the boxing classes for adults such as, speed bag gloves, hand wraps, heavy bag gloves, sparring gloves, headgear, groin guard, mouthpiece. The training equipment will be based on institutes. The commonly and some of the training equipment are jump rope, medicine ball, boxing ring and heavy bag.

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