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    • Flamenco dance class for kids


      Flamenco dance is known for its beauty and elegance in the performance. The dancers are attracted to hold entire audience with beautiful movements on floor. Learning on this dance form will perfect you with innumerable skills too. This flamenco dance has various forms of dancing based on songs types like, Cante-Jondo (means deep song), Cant- Intermedio (means intermediate song) and Cante-Chico (means light song).


      Flamenco is one of the graceful dance form which imparts joy and emotional backup with the audience. This is a perfect dance form to exhibit the culture with a thematic background music. This dance is known for the kind of presentation. It is Spanish art form and it is made of 3 elements such as guitar playing, song and dance.


      Additional Information:

      •        ·    Duration: 1 month
      •        ·   Timing: Monday 5 pm to 6 pm


      As dancers will be communicating with audience, the best training on dance skills will help them to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. A well maintained mental health is the best outcome here. As dancing always needs passion and dedication it reduces the stress and boost self-esteem and confidence of the performers.



      It has important characteristics apart from other dance forms. The deep passionate will display while dancing, intense enthusiasm that shows dancer performs and that inspires others to fall in love with flamenco dance form. The famous flamenco dancers such as Sara Baras, Antonio Canales, and Joaquin Cortes etc. will always inspires to learn flamenco dance form.


      At Flamenco dance class we provide with all nourishment's to grow out the best artistic personality in yourself. We emotions help you to be the best flamenco dancer with high potential and skills.


      Benefits with flamenco dance:

      •       ·  It sharpens listening and observation skills.
      •       ·  It improves concentration.
      •       ·  It enhances body fitness.
      •       ·  It improves blood circulation.
      •       ·  It conveys emotion.
      •       ·  It reduces stress and anxiety.
      •       ·  It explores creativity.
      •       ·  It burns calories.
      •       ·  It improves memory skills.



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