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    • Bollywood Freestyle Dance for Adults

                    Bollywood freestyle dance refers to Art, Indian culture and Film industry form of dancing. It is the most popular form of dancing in Indian movie vibrated around the world. Bollywood dance classes in Dubai include Kathak, Indian Folk, Belly Dancing, Western dance, Jazz etc.

      Bollywood dance in Dubai provides fun, happy with traditional dance forms. Whether you are older, younger, never danced before you will sure find fun in Bollywood dance classes. The class is suitable for women, men and children.

      Basic information about class:

      •      ·  The classes of Bollywood dance in Dubai will be engaged based on participants timing.
      •      ·   All participants will form separate group based on their skills and age.
      •      ·   Beginners will be starting with simple dance moves and more experienced dancers can 
      •            polish their dance forms to develop their new style.
      •      ·   You can rebook the class until you reach desired level.

      Our institute is combinations of expression, style and glamour with professional experts. Be a part of our institute and enjoy all Bollywood classes in Dubai with joy. We provide a rich diverse and challenging dance environment for all students.

      Benefits of learning dance:

      •      ·    It improves your posture by making you fit.
      •      ·    Strengthen body muscles.
      •      ·    Increases confidence and concentration levels
      •      ·     Platform to show case your personal style.
      •      ·     Increases social communication skills.

      With these benefits students will develop creativity that will excite their spirit, dreams and mind. Students can be performing as a solo, group dance or can be mixed with men and women.

      Materials Required:

      •      ·   Please wear shoes and clothes that makes you comfortable to dance.
      •      ·    Additional props/costume will be required in case an instructor suggested.

      Age Requirement:

      •      ·   18 and above

      Additional Information:

      •      ·    You can enroll to this Bollywood dance classes in Dubai for the price 300 AED (VAT 
      •             exclusive) for 1 month (weekly 2 days).
      •      ·     Additional dance classes will be engaged based on your booking.
      •      ·     One group will consist of 1- 4 persons.

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