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    • Classical Dance Class for Adults

      Classical dance is a very graceful form of Indian culture dance. There are various form of Indian classical dance classes in Dubai such as Bharathnatyam, Mohiniyattam, Kuchipudi, Kerala Natanam, Kathak etc

      Indian classical dance classes in Dubai include narrative sequences of movements, footsteps, sign language, gestures using hands, eyes and hands expressions. The well-experienced teacher will give you systematic introduction about practical and theoretical classes.

      Benefits of class:

      •   ·     You will learn new technique and moves of modern classical dance steps.
      •   ·     It improves your body posture.
      •   ·     Strengthen body muscles.
      •   ·     Relax your mind.
      •   ·     Builds confidence and self-expression.
      •   ·     Platform to show case talent and learn about Indian history.

      The Indian classical dance classes in Dubai also teaches about Indian culture and mythology. All classical dance forms are based on 3 fundamentals:

      •   ·    Raga (Melody)
      •   ·    Bhava (Mood)
      •   ·    Tala (Rhythmic)

      All Indian classical dance classes in Dubai offers traditional classes for solo, group of men and women. Bharathnatyam is a traditional dance with grace. Kathak, Kuchipudi, Mohiniyattam are also north Indian classical dances.

      Oddissi, Manipuri, Sattriya are South Indian classical dances. All these dance forms will be narrated with Hindi, Hindustani or Urdu music pertaining to Krishna Leela from Puranas and others devotional music.

      Important things to know:

      •   ·   Understand the execution of Taal and Laya.
      •   ·   Understanding the meaning of music.
      •   ·   No restriction on age.

      The beauty of classical dance is that make expressions without uttering a single world. The instruments like Tabla, Sitar, Flute, Shehnai and others are play an important role in dance.



       Material Required:

      •   ·    Student can wear comfortable Salwar-Kameez or flexible fabric clothes.
      •   ·    The instructor will suggest dance uniforms that should be stitched.

      Age Requirements:

      •   ·   4 or above

      Additional Information:

      •   ·   The registration fee 300 AED (VAT Exclusive) for one month (weekly 2 days).
      •   ·   Class size varies from 1-4 persons.
      •   ·   Additional classes will be engaged based on extra class booking.

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